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Partner Strategy

Irisys is committed to delivering its products through a global network of carefully selected business partners with local presence. Irisys believes that its highly trained Authorised Distributors, Resellers and Systems Integrators give customers the optimum organisation for a high quality sales and support service – on a local, international or global basis.

By focusing in-house resources on the support of its partners, together with product innovation, people development, training and production, Irisys ensures that it can continue to give customers the business benefits of the most advanced infrared sensing technologies and solutions.

Irisys appoints partner companies capable of leveraging Irisys products and technology to ensure that customers can fully realise these business benefits. Some partners offer a range of solutions across one or multiple industries, whilst others are focused on distributing technology in the most cost effective way. All partner companies have access to a full range of Irisys training and support services.

For details of Irisys partners in particular regions or industries please visit the partner locator page and fill in the request form.

If you’re interested in becoming an Irisys partner please email sales@irisys.co.uk or call Irisys Marketing on +44(0)1604 594200